Foodie Friday: Blended Bellinis

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I recently went to Vancouver, B.C. and was told multiple times that I had to try a Bellini. So for the sake of Foodie Friday research, I obliged.  : )

Quite different from its Italian counterpart (a mix of peach nectar and champagne), the Bellini famous in Vancouver are a sugary, frozen slushy of peach and liquor. I knew instantly that I wanted to make my own and share with friends. I don’t own a slushy machine, so I did a little research and came up with my own recipe to mimic the smooth, yet icy consistency. I settled on blending frozen peaches and it was perfect!

To add a little pizazz, we gave them a tropical twist, using pineapple-coconut rum and mango nectar. If you stick with the base of frozen peaches, champagne and rum, you can run wild with your own variations.

Tropical Blended Bellinis

4 cups frozen peaches
1 cup champagne
1/3 cup flavored rum
Peach-flavored powdered drink mix (optional)
Juice as needed to get a good blend

Sangria, red-colored juice, grenadine for garnish

  1. Blend peaches, champagne, rum, and powdered drink mix in blender.
  2. The mix should be thick, so add juice in small amounts until the mixture flows smoothly through the blender.
  3. Pour two Tbsp. of the red liquid of your choice into three glasses, then add the frozen peach mixture on top.




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