Foodie Friday: Homemade Crackers with 6 Ingredients

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A few weeks back, Mariko and I threw a cheese and cracker party. But of course we couldn’t just buy cheese and crackers…we had to make them.

This idea really grew from the fact that we were both jealous of each others’ skills. I was always amazed at M’s homemade crackers (something that never even crossed my mind to make on my own), and she wanted to try her hand at making cheese.

Mariko walked me through the cracker-making process, which is unbelievably easy. It takes just six ingredients for a basic, but well-flavored cracker: flour, water, herbs, olive oil, and salt. I know you already have those in your kitchen!

I’ll share some of my photos from the cracker-making adventure, but for full instructions, hop on over to Mariko’s tutorial.




P.S. Homemade cheese and crackers are a perfect compliment to the perfectly disastrous made-for-TV-movie, Sharknado.


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