Foodie Friday: Boston Cream Pie

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The weather has been a little funky around here and frankly I like it. Sunny days, warms days and dare I say it, even rainy days that I have enjoyed. There is something about a rainy Spring day that is 10 times better than a Winter wet day. Maybe it is that it stays light later, that it is warmer out, or the fresh smell that lets you know Summer is certainly on its way.

If you are still experiencing any of these wet Spring days I highly recommend trying your hand at a Boston Cream Pie. My first attempt was with a recipe from Brown Eyed Baker, which was a crowd pleaser, but I am still interested in attempting a few more recipes to find the “BEST!” version out there (my brother and I are big fans of this cake, errr pie?). I think my fiddling in the kitchen will also have to involve these Boston Cream Cookies (that is one liberal use of the word cookie) by Eat, Live, Run.

Any advice on the most amazing Boston Cream Pie recipe you have tried?


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