Foodie Friday: Mediterranean Bagels

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They may not be the cutest things you have ever seen, but my first attempt at bagel making was a success!


I followed the simple recipe by Sophisticated Gourmet. As a child I was all about the sweet bagels, like blueberry. But as an adult I like my these round carbs with a bit more kick. I really love a bagel that’s so savory you are pretty sure your breath will stink for the next month. Yep, that’s my style. Everything bagel, garlic bagel, bring it on.


I altered this recipe by adding a tablespoon of diced sun dried tomatoes (from a jar with oil) and 1/4 cup of feta cheese. It adds a simple layer without getting too crazy.


That’s what the toppings are for. I layered these bagels with super garlic-y hummus (no kisses after a bite of this), kalamata¬†olives, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Oh, and more feta cheese!


Seriously, homemade bagels are super easy to make. Do it. Impress your next house guests in the morning.


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