Foodie Friday: Olive Oil Crepes with Leeks and Eggs

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If you have not noticed my Foodie Friday posts have been very baked goods focused as of late. While part of that is due to my love of all things sweet (I’m baking my favorite cake at this very moment), the other part is that I have been feeling a little dinner uninspired. In an effort to break this habit I have turned to two of my favorite ladies, Big Girls, Small Kitchen. Besides their awesome blog, they also have a series over at Serious Eats, Eat for Eight Bucks.

Here I discovered Olive Oil Crepes with Leeks and Eggs. This recipe was just what I needed. Quick, cheap, and while simple, it still a challenged me in the kitchen. I have made crepes before, but it is not something I have perfected, so I was happy to work on that skill. I also seem to forget how much I like leeks until I am asked to cook with them. I found this tutorial helpful for cleaning leeks properly.



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