Foodie Friday Trend: Magazines

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When Linz and I were planning out our new format for this blog we knew we wanted to make sure that we were reflecting on what was important to us. It became clear early on in the process that food would therefore play a key role. Which is why we are having the first Sweet Athena weekly feature we like to call, ‘Foodie Friday’. While not every week will tie directly into our theme for the season, it will be a part of what we are creating, experimenting, contemplating and enjoying about food.

One might wonder how food might tie into the world of fashion. Having thought it over I really feel that fashion and food actually follow a similar trend in our society. Both have the “it” thing of the moment , (anyone else remember the bacon trend?), both have the classics that people enjoy trying to re-invent. Fashion and food have the allure of glamor with top designers and chefs, reality show competitions working on the art of each (I happen to love both Top Chef and Project Runway). Yet, both are things we interact with on a daily basis and can accessibly work on for ourselves. What we eat and wear can be empowering choices in our everyday life with consequences that affect our society, mostly because they have the weight of the consumer behind them.

So, what is fashion if not a mix of the trendy and the classic? This season Linz and I hope to explore both of these things in the world of food as well.

For the first Foodie Friday I have decided to focus on my newly discovered entertainment in the world of food, my subscription to ‘Vegetarian Times.’ In the world of fashion, the magazine can be the “it” thing to flip through for many people guiding them on what to try and what they enjoy. The same principles apply to a cooking magazine.
What is my review of ‘Vegetarian Times’? It is prefect for my skill level (almost two years of attempting to cook for myself on a vegetarian diet). The recipes are not for a gourmet chef, but a person still learning how to properly cook certain food. For instance, I had made hummus before, but their was an article in September 2010 on perfecting the art of hummus with great tips I was in dire need of. Seriously, my hummus had a funny after taste, no more canned garbanzo beans for me!

The recipes are also great for someone feeling a little lost and needing inspiration for their everyday needs. One of my favorite parts has to be the last page which neatly indexes all the recipes shown, their page number and other helpful hints, like if they are low in saturated fat and 30 minutes or less to cook.

If you are uncertain about putting money out there for a magazine, the internet is here to save the day. Try out some of their recipes that they offer online, see if it is the right fit for you. I have a bunch of kale I’m looking to cook, it looks like ‘Crispy Kale Leaves‘ might be my answer.

Happy Foodie Friday!



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