The New Design of Sweet Athena

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Aiming to keep things fresh and focused at Sweet Athena, we are pleased to announce that we will be adopting a new format for our blog!

The Pattern

Each season, we will announce a theme upon which most posts will explore. We’ll investigate the theme in as many ways as we can, from projects and tips, to events and interviews. By delving into one theme per season, we will challenge ourselves to learn as much about that topic as possible and bring what we learn to you. To avoid “going out of style,” we’ll move on to the next theme every three months.

The Collection
As you might have been able to guess, our very first season’s theme is FASHION!

What Will Be Going Down The Runway
This Fall, Jess and I will take you with us as we learn about:

  • men’s fashion through our very own Man Makeover
  • our local fashion scene at an upcoming runway show
  • the art of vintage clothing shopping
  • frugal fashionista-ing with clothing preservation and t-shirt reconstruction projects
  • and oh-so-much more!

We are quite excited to get things started with this new setup and hope you’ll join us as we begin to put it all together!


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