Hitting the books with Academichic

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I am passionate about learning. In fact, “Learner” has always been one of my five Signature Strengths…and I’ve taken the assessment like seven times. I work at a University, consider myself a lifelong student, and, this semester, I’m even teaching a class. Thus, it’s probably an understatement to call education a mere “passion.” Knowing this about me, you will understand how school-girl giddy I am over Academichic. It’s, like, totally my favorite blog everrrr.

Academichic: How fun are E’s shoes with this outfit!?

Self-described as being created by “a consortium of feminist academics, in the Midwest and Northeast, on a crusade against the ill-fitting polyester suit of academic yore,” Academichic is a mix of fashion theory, tutorials, and wardrobe remix.

A. in a casual/cool ensemble

One of my favorite aspects of the blog can be found in the “Appendix” under “Fashion 101.” There, you will find an index of lessons regarding such topics as combining colors and dressing to proportion.

Academichic’s glorious color wheel

As someone who has studied visual arts, I thought I was good with color in my outfits. But after reading through the four-part series on color, I realized that I’ve been limiting myself to mostly neutrals with one bright, saturated color per outfit. Not bad, but a little predictable. Since my academichic-led color instruction, I’ve been trying new color combinations (purple and yellow! non-black neutrals! peach and blue!) to great success.

Beyond the lessons, I like the simple breakdown of each post with each outfit’s “sources,” “end notes,” and photos. “Sources” outlines where each item is from and the “end notes” explains why and how the outfit was put together.

An excerpt from one of L.’s recent posts

PLUS, every once in a while, there are adorable photos of E. with her baby!

Have fun studying!




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