Guest Post: Megan’s Spring Tree

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Today’s guest blogger is Megan, a dear friend and a very crafty lady making a new home for herself in Oregon. When I heard about Megan’s most recent project, involving a tree branch downed by Pacific Northwest weather, I knew that we needed to have her share the project here, during our Oregon season!   ~Linz

After a recent week of snow, rain, wind and dreary clouds; Oregon spring seemed a distant dream. Walking past the casualties of the wind storm, I got the idea for my most recent project. Shuffling through the down branches  I found one manageable enough to drag home. After a bit of pruning, the branch fit nicely in one corner of my living room.
Weeks ago, in preparation of another project, my sister and I had hit the paint swatch section of the local hardware store. These paint swatches, in various hues of green, screamed SPRING. A quick Google search turned up a simple leaf pattern and a night of tracing and cutting commenced.
Next, came the task of glueing over 100 leaves to the bare branches. The result of some strategic gluing was the spring like branch seen here. When the natural and artificial light hits the branch the shadows on the wall are reminiscent of the sun seen through the spring summer trees. If you miss spring, this project may help bring a bit of cheer.

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