Hey Santa,

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I’ll take the same thing I asked for last year.

On this very day a year ago, I finished wrapping my Christmas gifts. Seems like we have a tradition on our hands as I again just added the final touches on my gifts. I’m still trying to use less resources to wrap all my presents as I talked about in my post a year ago.

This time around is a little different because I actually was just given a lot of wrapping paper from my Grandma. She had lots of plain colored paper, so my focus this year was adding decoration and bows to the gifts.

I enjoyed skipping a gift tag and playing around with pipe cleaners for the Secret Santa gift exchange at work.
Here I took an American Eagle bag and added bits and pieces of old wrapping paper to decorate it.
This one is abstract and I could see how people would not be into it, but I love how it looks like Christmas threw up on it. Gaudy is just the way to go sometimes. Plus I just love writing messages on the gift packages.
It might be hard to see from the picture, but these packages are pretty big. I love that they look like candy, the big one is actually a pair of shoes!
I have seen this look a couple of places in the blog and magazine world this season. It is fun to actually put old yarn scraps to work.
This one might be my favorite one of the season, just because I really do feel like I made trash into something.
This is a cut open bag that once held the beloved fruit cuties.
I cut them into strips.
I folded the strips into themselves horizontally from each side. Then into themselves vertically from each side.
I then layer 3 on top of each other to form a bow.
I used a long ribbon to tie the bow in the middle and then around the package.
This is more scraps of old wrapping paper and a few extra stickers from my snow project to form a wreath.
And last, but not least, the easiest one of all. Going into your yard and trimming your holly bush and adding a little to zest to the top of your gift.

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