Ring Around the Rosettes

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Rosette Wreath next to Tinsel Tree As promised, here are photos of my Felt Rosette Wreath!

Actually, much of this project’s credit goes to my husband, Dale. This was his brainchild after seeing the Styrofoam wreath shape at JoAnn’s. He even turned into a Master Rosette Roller as we watched “The Singoff” one night. Having help really sped this project up…it takes a lot of rosettes!

I was out of felted cashmere, so we used regular craft felt in red, crimson, and sparkly white. Just like with the pomanders, I love how the roses pack so tightly together. Each rosette is glued and then pinned with a white pearl pin from the floral section of the craft store.

Next, I want to play with making lil’ rosette accessories. I’m thinking pins or a headband…

Rosette Wreath, two shots


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