I Heart You!

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Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and we have yet to mention the celebration of love, candy and hearts here at Sweet Athena. I guess this particular holiday gets such mixed reviews from people. I feel a little on the fence, it’s too ironic and silly for me to have animosity for a holiday that is all about love. Yet, the day can often leave a taste of corporate consumerism in ones mouth. I do think it is okay to have a day to remind us to tell people we appreciate them, I also cannot complain about the wonders of dark chocolate.

My favorite part though is making cards. I like to think of Valentine’s day as a time to look through your house and find random objects and glue them onto cards in the shape of hearts.

This year mine is all about scrapes of yarn. I love all the textures and colors you can create.

Best Valentine card saying I’ve seen so far this year,
I’m Bananas for You!


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