I Should Have Known Better


This is how it started (in my head):

“Sweet Athena is food-themed for Spring. Awesome. So I guess I should try out all of the food-related projects and recipes I’ve been bookmarking for years. That will be cool.”

And so, I started doing just that. I made some granola for the first time, and it was delicious. So far, so good. My next thought went something like this:

“What about those famed Black Bean Brownies? Yeah! I know they sound weird, but I’ve been hearing about how great they are for a long time. I’ll get to talk about how strange it is that brownies made out of black beans are so good. They’ll be perfect.”

I made them. I took pictures as I made them. Then, I took a bite. Yulgch.

My observations:

  1. These are not brownies.
  2. They taste too much like bananas and cinnamon. Brownies don’t taste like that.
  3. The texture is not what a baked good should be. More like what you could imagine a solidified puree of bananas, beans, and oats would be. Because that’s what it is.
  4. They don’t taste terrible if I think of them as more of a chocolate-nutrition bar.

I’m not even going to share the recipe for this one because I don’t want to make your taste buds angry.  I still can’t believe that I read multiple times from multiple sources that these kooky creations are a good replacement for a brownie. Has anyone had any success making brownies with black beans? Do you like them?




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  1. Nisha

    March 23, 2011 10:53 am

    Ahhhh! I made black bean brownies from 101 cookbooks and they turned out horrible! I made it with some girlfriends on our senior week vacation and it was so disappointing. I think I’ll stick to regular brownies.


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