Makeover Monday: Lacy Distressed Overalls

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Summer is almost over. Okay, okay, it is basically over. But we are still having hot days here, so one last shorts DIY before we are in full fall mode is no big deal, right?


When I was home in Portland I was sorting through boxes of stuff I had left behind the year before. In the piles of things were these overall shorts. These are no ordinary shorts. These bad boys have been in my life since I was 13. Yep, I have been wearing these off and on for 15 years. Overalls are trendy once again, as are lots of 90’s gems. I decided to take these and give them a more updated look.

Overalls02To start, I shortened the shorts by cutting off just the hem, then I rolled them up and added a few stitches along the way to keep the cuff in place.

Overalls07 Overalls04

I then hand stitched on different types of lace details on a couple of places. 


I liked the idea of making the jeans a balance of feminine and rough, so I also used an exact-o knife to add rips. I placed a piece of cardboard under the spots where I wanted to create rips and then would cut a series of lines. Each time I wash them they will fray a bit more. To get the fraying going, wash and dry at least twice. Also add a few cuts to corners of pockets where it might naturally start to fray.

Of course Linz and I had to be super silly about the whole thing and have a photo shoot in the blueberry field.

Overalls31 Overalls13 Overalls12


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