Meet Murphy


Murph4This is Murphy. He arrived at the end of June at seven pounds, fifteen ounces and twenty and a quarter inches. He is crazy adorable (as you can see.)

Murph1In his five-and-some weeks in this world, Murph has done a lot of things: attended two parades, gone a ten-mile hike at the coast, made a showing a classic party at the blueberry farm, visited both grandparents’ houses, and taken many trips to Target to pick up baby things we all didn’t know we needed so many of (waterproof changing pad mats, pacifiers, onsies, snacks for a hungry mom, etc.)

Murph2Murphy loves walking the halls in his dad’s arms, warm baths, watching the crazy lights of the television, sucking on his lion pacifier, and any kind of music. He really hates changing his clothes and wet diapers (and insists on an immediate change..every single time). He has been a champ at holding his head up and is getting stronger every day. Smiles are coming more frequently now, and I’m a bit addicted to them.


In other news, Oliver isn’t sure about this new development. He’s still working on accepting his role as Puppy Brother.

As I promised before, I’ll be sharing many more pictures of this kid. These photos are from Murph’s first couple of weeks, but I have more current pictures trapped on a camera…I lost the camera cord. Blaming it on the sleep deprivation. Once I find/replace it, I’ll share more current pics!


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