Mosaic Scrap Cards

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When thinking about time and crafting, projects that connect me to my friends come to mind. I’m in the process of getting ready to leave my beloved state of Oregon to head to Maryland. While living in places other than your friends one must think of ways to keep in touch and not let too much time pass between you. While there are of course phones, text messages, email, facebook, etc, a good old fashion letter is sometimes the best way to connect with an old friend.

Linz and I are both big fans of the art of the homemade letter. One of my favorite ways to make a letter is the mosaic scrap look. It is simple in style, environmentally friendly, and versatile in what you can make. Here I made some cards of animals, but the possibilities are endless. I have made hearts for Valentine’s Day and have even written out messages, such as ‘Happy Birthday’ to friends.

To make cards like this collect magazine pages with like colors. National Geographic is my favorite to use. Outline with a pencil how you want to form the shape. Use a glue stick to set each piece of scrap paper. It is easy to rip the pages to form the outer shapes you are looking for. The thing I love best about this look is the added texture all of the different papers combine to form.


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  1. Nisha

    August 14, 2012 10:43 am

    This is super cool Jess! I imagine this would be great for Christmas cards too. Sign me up for the cards list please! I love sending handwritten letters, they are the best!


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