New series ahead: Q&A

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For as long as Linz and I have been friends we have been hatching plans, schemes and ideas with one another. High school assignments together would more often feel like an excuse to spend the day collaborating and less like work. As time passed and we no longer had homework and due dates, this blog organically became a creative outlet for the two of us to share some of our many undertakings.

While we do not have the current luxury of physically working together on projects, we still are constantly emailing, texting and calling each other with our latest idea or question on any range of topics.

Then it occurred to us, why keep all the fun to ourselves? And why indeed. We are therefore giving you a peak into some of the actual questions we ask each other for advice on.

Fashion is easily one of the topics that Linz and I often seek each others opinion on the most. Just this summer I invited Linz to come over and hang out with me and then made her sit on my bed while I tried on every piece of clothing I was unsure about keeping in my move. Yep, I made Linz do the hard work of purging my closet for me.

We hope this new series is one you will want to join in on the conversation as well. Add your two cents, even if they are different from ours. We would love to get additional advice on our questions! Oh, if you have a question, add that into the mix as well.

And now, without further ado, let the fashion Q & A series begin:

Q from Jess: Linz, I have noticed that sheer tops and dresses are trendy this season. Is there a way to appropriately wear this style to work?

Stay tuned for Linz’s response.


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