Sew & Tell: Socks with Flare

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Can you tell I am writing this post and watching ‘Office Space’? The first Sew & Tell post was all about an outfit I created for my sparkly bowling birthday party (I feel like I turned 6, instead of 26, saying that was what I did for my birthday!). Anyways, for this party I also created favors for all the ladies. I made each one sparkly socks. I bought silver and gold ribbon, along with plain white socks and sewed the ribbon to the edge of each sock. I made sure to stretch each sock edge very straight so that when I had finished sewing, there was more curve on the edge of each fold.
The ribbon I used.
The finished product.
The ladies modeling the socks!
The lace I used.
The finished product.
I really liked the look of them, but do not actually wear sparkle socks that often. I therefore decided to try the same technique with lacy ribbon. When sewing on the lace to socks, it is easiest to turn the sock inside out and sew the lace so it is facing out from the sock (as the top photo shows).















It was fun to play dress up with the socks and show off different shoes to wear them with!


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