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Happy 2011! There is a lot of talk of New Year’s resolutions and goals out there in the crafting blog world. Which always makes me happy to see people celebrating life in that way! As I explained last year, I enjoy hearing about what people are working towards and thinking about. As I was thinking about this post and checking out my list from last year I realized I hit basically everyone of those creative goals. I baked vegan cookies (and decided I like vegan cakes and cupcakes more), I took a sewing class, and I incorporated some felt projects into my life (more to come too!). 

Did I add a bird to my terrarium? Well, yes I did.

I did notice that the year had passed and I had not made myself a terrarium. While some might call this a fail, I thought, why not do it today! So, I went to Artemisia, where they helped me make a fun new plant accessory for my room. I cannot wait to make more.

This year I’m not making New Year’s resolutions, instead I have been inspired by another blogger, yes and yes. I started this back in December when I turned 26 and the goal is to try 26 new things while 26. Some of them seem pretty hard (no refined sugar for a week), some I have been wanting to do for-like-ever (skydiving!) and some just might not get done, but will be fun to try (doing the splits) and yes I have never really grown a garden before, so silly I know.
It seems so personal sharing my list, but eek here it goes, one of the ways I like to celebrate life, trying new things:
1) Eat a truffle (mushroom)
2) Play Paintball
3) Skydive
4) Run a half marathon
5) Do 100 push-ups
6) Do the splits
7) Be a nude model for an art class
8) Zombie walk/event
9) Isolation Tank
10) Hike a new trail each month
11) Try 26 of Miranda July’s Learning to Love You More projects
12) Take Spanish Class
13) Send a post secret post card
14) Take a ballet class
15) Re-do a piece of furniture
16) Make 10 food items from scratch
17) Grow a garden
18) Read 52 books
19) Watch top 100 AFI movies
20) Have a Maya Angelou Day
21) One week without refined sugar
22) Midnight showing of the Rocky Horror show
23) Try Curling
24) Ride my bike to work for a week
25) Try only a raw foods/meals for a day
26) Participate in a flash mob event


I already went hiking for the month of January at Multnomah Falls, I never been there in the winter, it was beautiful.


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