Etsy Birthday Fun for Kids

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With Dale’s birthday down and mine on the way, I’ve been thinking back to the days when realbirthday parties existed. You know, the kinds based around a cartoon (TMNT, for example!) or creatures (bugs!) or extra-curricular activity (horseback riding!) The kind where the paper plates matched the paper hats and you always walked away with a goodie bag. Oh, those were the days.To make my seven-year-old self proud, I’d like to share some fun birthday finds from Etsy. Sadly, I don’t have a kid in my life to use as an excuse for getting these. But maybe someday I’ll plan an “old school” birthday party for myself…

Hello Frosting lets you customize your own edible icing decals to make a storybook-style portrait of your birthday kid. Adorable!

Frog Prince Paperie offers themed, printable party supply packs like this dinosaur pack, complete with invitations, cupcake wrappers, a banner, and much, much more.

I never thought I’d find myself wanting a swampy “Bayou Bash,” but the printable supplies from Spaceships and Laser Beams are incredible. Especially this gator hat.

For a vibrant bunch of party favors, how cute are these recycled, shaped crayons from Ivy Lane Designs?

Wham! Color bursts from tissue decorations from Fiesta Pom Pom. Select form 37 colors for a custom look.

Party-themed pinwheels would be a perfect way to add beauty and fun. These strawberry pinwheels from Crossroads Cottage are delightful, right?

Party on!


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