Blue Jean Wreath

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 I love wreaths. This is in large part due to the fact that you can take any number of objects attach them in a circle form, et volia, you have a wreath!


Which is why I think wreaths are the perfect opportunity to take otherwise useless things and turn them into decorative greetings for your door. I saw a tutorial at Spin Cushion on how to take leftover tweed and use it to create a festive Christmas wreath. Using that as my inspiration, I took an old pair of jeans that had holes in a most awkward spot to create this wreath.
 To make the wreath I drew a template of a leaf and then traced the leaf all over the jeans and cut them out. I then soaked each leaf in starch and laid them out to dry on parchment paper.


While drying the leaves I took a foam wreath from a craft store and covered it with white cotton fabric to use as the base to attach the jean leaves. To attach the leaves I first tried folding each leaf at the base to create more of a fuller look, but with the thickness of the jean material, I did not like the look of it. Instead I sewed the corner of each leaf to the wreath and repeated the process, overlapping the material as I went.


To finish off the look I added a few felt flowers, which I hot glued on. I used a tutorial from Little Things Bring Smiles to make the flowers.


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