Classy Holiday Cards at Etsy

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You probably know already that I, Lindsey, am a bit of a graphic design junkie. That’s why any excuse to peruse through printed goods is okay by me. That’s also why I recently stayed up until 1:30 am on a weeknight: I’ve been sucked into Etsy’s wonderful world of holiday cards. Here are a handful of my favorites.

Studio Flower Power features phenomenal designs made with real flowers. Get out of town (but send me one of these, first!)

I adore the classic looks of Earmark Invitations’ Doily Red and Green Holiday Cards and Hanukkah Card.

I have a feeling my dad would like this bicycle one from Idea Chic

Carol Lee Designs’ Junkmail Greetings are like Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara: beautiful and funny.

This vintage-style letterpress card is very cute. From Old School Stationers.

My thoughts exactly, Starshaped Press!


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