Foodie Friday: A Gold Star


It is August, which means it is Crazy Training/Crunch Time at my job. It happens every year, and yet I am still surprised by how much energy, effort, and thought is required for this special month. I work with college students, which means that lots of fun is part this time, as well. As intense as August is, it makes me love my job even more.
Today I am presenting a training session and I wanted to make something special as a prize for a little quiz competition. What could be better than a gold star? So I set out to make big Rice Krispies treat gold star for the winning team.
I always forget how easy cereal treats are to make. Three ingredients, then done. I started out by making a simple batch of treats and pressing them down in the pan. I then drew out a star template on wax paper. I placed it on top of the treats, then cut around the paper.

Next, I pressed down the edges to round out the corners. I was going for a Mario Bros. Super Star-type shape. I just added some sprinkles, and bam! Done. (Oliver seemed to be a big fan of this one.)


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