Foodie Friday: Apple Pie Cookies (Sorta)


I was thinking the week before Thanksgiving was the prefect timing to do a post on apple pie cookies. Pie for me goes under the classic dish category and I thought it would be fun to focus on something that many people have on their mind with the upcoming Holiday (in less than a week!). It is therefore just a coincidence that Linz confesses last week on Foodie Friday that she does not care for crust that much and then I have my next Foodie Friday be all about the crust. I guess that’s the bonus of Sweet Athena, two opinions for the price of one. So for all of you out there that gasped (as I did, seriously, didn’t know that one about her) when Linz said crust wasn’t her thing, this post is for you.

I like these apple pie cookies from Smitten Kitten for two reasons. It is a fun playful take on the classic (with built in portion control) and her information on making crust is A-MAZING! I love to bake over cooking and I think all great bakers should know how to really make a crust. It is an art form. I consider myself still an amateur, but lucky enough to be trained by one of the greats (my grandmother). If you are looking to sharpen up your crust skills, Smitten Kitten is a great place to start with tips not just in this last recipe, but also on rolling and mastering the buttery flaky crust.

Having raved about this recipe, I must say I kind of screwed it up and ended up with mini apple pies. Do not get me wrong, they were quite tasty, just not “cookies”. I did two things differently, which if ever I wanted mini apple pies again, I would follow. First I made my dough disc bigger, and the bottom one was a bigger ratio than the top compared to the other recipe. This made it so that the fork pressed look did not really work, but pinching the sides made it look great. I also cut my apples into thin slice pieces and mixed them in the sugary mixture ahead of time. This last one I think is really just a style preference.

The verdict is that I think this would be clever little addition to a Thanksgiving dessert table. Especially if you are a guest asked to bring some sides. It may be slightly more time consuming, but worth it.


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  1. Nisha

    November 19, 2011 12:17 am

    These look awesome! The concept of pie based cookies – oh man, this will blow B’s mind! I agree the pinched version looks really good. Can’t wait to try these!


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