Foodie Friday: Pucchi Pucchi


Happy April Fool’s Day! Today I feel is a fitting day to talk about some cold, hard facts about my feelings on food. The truth is I like some strange food combos. So silly are these pairings, I think this post might appear as a prank to some, but I promise I really do enjoy the food I’m about to talk about.

It all started back in high school when I was refrigerator door eating (you know, when you are a bad environmentalist and snack with the front door of the fridge open). During one such occasion, it occurred to me to eat some dill pickles with chocolate chips. And it was fantastic! So great in fact that I made Sweet Athena Linz walk over to my house just to try said duo (which she likes, but does not love). Just a couple of weeks ago I was enjoying myself a homemade peanut butter pizza. I feel I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I like it a little strange sometimes.

On this lovely Foodie Friday I’m here to teach you one of my favorite childhood recipes which has been passed down from my own mother. It is called Pucchi Pucchi and was invented by mother, her younger sister and their eccentric uncle Luigi. They made this concoction one morning for breakfast and it has been beloved ever since. Growing up my cousins and I use to eat this about one time year on vacation for breakfast.

Start with cereal
Add ice cream and fruit cocktail. That’s right, fruit cocktail.
Pour on some milk
Swirl with whip cream
Top with a cherry and you have yourself some Pucchi Pucchi!
I repeat, this is not a prank.
You just may love it,

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