Makeover Monday: Ribbon Bracelet

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I really like how this Makeover Monday series pushes me to look at everyday objects and think about their uses and how they can be spiced up. Right now, I’m living in a temporary location with just a fraction of my belongings. The whole experience is making me question the value of objects, and I find myself feeling more appreciative of all of the luxuries in life. Because I have access to only some of my things, I’ve been hesitant to take these objects and perform lasting makeovers on them, in case the project didn’t turn out. As a perfect alternative to risking permanent damage, today’s Makeover Monday project is incredibly quick and easy, and even reversible if you want to change the look up later.

I started with a simple metal bangle. Throughout my life, I’ve always had a handful of these bracelets in my drawer, and I often overlook them. I then picked out a ribbon, about sixteen inches in length. Next, I simply started wrapping the ribbon around the bracelet. I wanted the ribbon to cover the metal, so I aimed for a snug wrap.

Because most of my accessories are not particularly girly, I thought it would be fun to add a big, feminine bow to close up the ends of the ribbon. I simply knotted it, added a bow, and trimmed the ends.

To add some sparkle, I decided to wear my new bow bracelet with a few of the unwrapped bangles. The whole project took about ten minutes!


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