Q&A Sunday: Favorite Trends


Question from Jess: What are your favorite fashion trends right now?

Answer: This question is tricky for me, because I don’t really know what is trendy. Sure, some of the magazines I read have those feature pages about what is “in” (“Oxblood!”), but does one magazine declaration make something a trend? However, after some thinking and browsing and so forth, I’ve assembled a small collection of elements that make me happy. And that’s what fashion should be about, right?

ombre hair
Ombre Hair

I love any trend that involves adding unexpected color to your appearance. Because it is on trend, crazy-colorful ombre hair is beautiful, but not the mark of a weirdo/pop star, as it might have been considered a few years ago. Plus, you can experiment with as much or as little color as you dare to. My only hesitation in trying it myself is the fear of damaging my already-dyed hair even more.

ankle booties

Besides having a cute moniker, I love how booties provide both height and support. It’s a rare day when I will don heels for work, because I often walk back and forth across campus for meetings throughout the day. I have a feeling that a good bootie would do me well.


It seems silly to call “sweaters” a trend for fall/winter because they really just make sense, but I keep seeing them being featured. Besides being cozy and warm, sweaters are easy to dress up or down. One of my favorite ways to mix it up with a sweater is to throw one on over a summer dress with leggings. I particularly like printed sweaters, like those from Oregon’s own Pendelton, which Jess and I saw at the fashion show we visited a while back.

bib necklaces & collars

Bib necklaces and collars
These have been around for a while, but I still really like how they can fancy up a plain outfit. They’re kind of like costume jewelry on steroids. I actually have a pearl bib necklace from my grandmother that dates back to the 1950’s-1960’s–a good reminder that what goes around comes around.

My next question to Jess:  Speaking of costume jewelry, how can I wear it without looking like I am wearing a costume (for Mad Men)?


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