Q&A Sunday: Wearing sheer to work

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As Jess mentioned last week, we are starting a brand new series here at Sweet Athena called “Q&A Sundays” in which we will be answering each other’s questions through weekly posts. Because we’re in the middle of our Fashion season, we will rely on each other provide some insight into areas of fashion that are challenging us. We’re hoping that you’ll join in on the conversation, too! If you agree, disagree, or have a unique perspective to bring forth, please share your thoughts. We’d love to hear additional fashion questions, too, so we can discuss them.

To start us off, Jess posed the first question to me.

Question from Jess:Linz, I have noticed that sheer tops and dresses are trendy this season. Is there a way to appropriately wear this style to work?

Answer from me, Linz: Yes, if you do it right.

This one is a bit tricky. Let’s be real: being able to see through the fabric is reminiscent of lingerie. Sheer can definitely be cute, but it strikes me as a fabric made for weekend or going out, not for meetings with clients, students, patients, colleagues, or supervisors. For your typical work environment, I’d suggest sticking with a more conservative approach to wearing sheers by wearing them over camis or tank tops. If you wouldn’t wear that tank top to work on its own, think carefully before wearing it with the outer layer of sheer.

Lastly, I’m not a huge fan of sheers that show bra straps, but if the fabric obscures them enough (like a black sheer over black bra straps and black cami), you are probably be okay.

Wearing sheer to work
Wearing sheer to work by sweet-athena. Click to go to our Polyvore site for more info on the items shown.

If done right, a sheer top or dress can add a very pretty sense of layers and texture to an outfit without a bunch of bulk. Very nice for this long summery weather I’m having over in Oregon!

First question answered. Now it’s my turn to ask. We’ll stay on the topic of what to wear to work.

My question to Jess: How can I dress professionally without looking too much older than I am?

Check in next Sunday for Jess’ reply.


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  1. Sarah the Stylist

    October 3, 2012 7:27 am

    You’re right, when wearing sheer to work, tread carefully! And if you work in a conservative office like a law firm, it’s best to avoid it altogether. But sheer can be classy and modest when done right. For my Fall Trends video in 2011, I actually wore a sheer blouse with a vest overtop and wore had a cap sleeve tee underneath so it wasn’t revealing at all. I prefer a little extra coverage, but that’s just me. What a fun series!

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