Sew & Tell: Altering a Knit Sweater

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I have this sweater I love, but it is a bit too baggy and loose for my liking. I found a great tutorial from Making This Home who had Portlander Suzannah of Adventures in Dress Making as a guest blogger.

By just turning the sweater inside out and sewing in a little a bit, I was able to get the results I wanted. One of the simplest solutions I have had to an ill fitted piece of garment.

I also felt like the ribbing on my sleeves were too baggy, so I turned them inside out and used the same technique on the bottom part. As you can see from the picture above to the one below, it really did make a difference.
Of course to model my new sweater I needed to smile and wave for the camera. Photo taken courtesy of my new roommate, Amy!

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