Foodie Friday: Veggie Packed Soup

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 I have come to realize through these Foodie Friday posts that Linz and I might have a borderline obsession with soup. We might just need to start a weekly post like ‘Sunday Soups’ to fill all the soup recipes we do around here?!?! While I am kidding about going that far, I am in fact doing yet another post on soup. This one is from a (mostly) fashion blogger, JenLovesKev and I could not help share it because it is so easy and healthy! I tried it out because Jen is a marathon runner, vegetarian and she talked about eating this soup for her lunches while training. I made a big batch one Sunday while training for my own half marathon and it really was an awesome meal to have around.


1 Container Vegetable Stock
Large Container-V8 Juice
Small Red Potatoes-quatered
1 can Chickpeas
1 can Kidney Beans
1 can Navy Beans
3 Orange Bell Peppers-chopped
5 Ribs Celery-chopped
5 Carrots-chopped
1 Bunch Broccoli-chopped
1 Bunch Kale-chopped
1 cup Peas
1 tsp Garlic Powder
1 tsp Oregano
Salt and Pepper to taste

The great thing about this recipe is that it is very easy to cater it to your taste. The first time I made it I found one bell pepper to not be enough and I did not use the whole bunch of kale I bought, even though I later realized it would have worked well to have more kale. So, add a little bit more of what you like and skip what you do not.

Simmer vegetable stock, V8 juice with potatoes until tender. Add the rest of the ingredients and continue to cook until vegetables which your preferred tender/crisp status. You may want to wait on adding all of the vegetable stock and V8 until after you have added the other ingredients so as to see how liquidy you would like to make your soup.


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