Sew & Tell: Hello Lover

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 When I was in college, I loved watching ‘Sex and the City’ with my friends. I remember one episode where Carrie saw a pair of shoes (as shown above) and declared, “Hello Lover”. Well, I’m ready to re-purpose my own shoes and fall in love.
Here is the pair of shoes I have had forever, they are nice, but quietly waiting for a makeover.

I took black ribbon and sewed two pieces together. I’m sure wider ribbon would have worked, but one of the great things about this project was that I was able to make it all with left over craft supplies I already had.
 Here is the ribbon I used. I took one strip at a time and sewed it across the plain black double ribbon and layer the next ribbon beneath the last one. I then sewed the end of each side to the top and bottom of the shoe straps.
A little summer fun to a pair of black heels. Next week I promise Sew & Tell will not involve pictures of my feet.


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