Sew & Tell: Throw Pillows

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This Sew and Tell session is all about my recent decision that I needed to give our couch pillows a makeover. This was my first time making pillow cases and it really is an easy and inexpensive project. I used the same pillows cushions I was already using for the couch and left over fabric from other projects.

Since I was going to make three different pillow cases, I decided to try three different tutorials. The first pillow I made was based on directions from Vintage Revivals. This pillow case was very easy to make, although I did decide it was too big when I first stuffed my pillow. That’s the nice thing about this project, it was easy to take off, put it inside out and re-sew along the seams about 1/4″ closer in to give the whole thing a more snug fit.

Here is the first pillow with store bought.

The second pillow case was a very similar envelope design from Sparkle Power. This pillow I found be even easier than the first to make and even more versatile. This is because you are using three separate pieces of fabric and can a cute mix and match look. If you use the same fabric for the entire pillow (like I did) then both pillows have about the same look when they are finish, just different ways to get there.

For the third pillow I went back to the same tutorial from Sparkle Power, but was inspired by Adventures in Dress making to add some lace and ribbon.


All in all a very easy afternoon project. There are of course lots of other pillow tutorials waiting to be tried. I thought some of these would fun in the future.



Pressor Foot’s Pleated Pillow
Adventures in Dress Making’s Antro Orimono Pillow
Strictly Simply Style’s Cashmere Pillow


Doesn’t all this pillow talk make you want to curl up on the couch with a good book?!


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