Fusing Glass


I was recently lucky enough to take an afternoon art class with one of my favorite artists, my dad! He signed us up to take an ‘Intro to Fusing‘ class at Aquila Glass. I honestly knew very little about this type of art before enrolling. The basic concept is simple, it involves taking pieces of certain types of glass and putting them together to form a larger design that is merged into one under a kiln. It might be easiest to show you what we worked on.
Before Kiln, My Dad’s:
After Kiln, My Dad’s:


Before Kiln, Mine:

After Kiln, Mine:

 Here is my nature piece, a sunset and a wave:



 All of our work together:



Me gluing on the final pieces of my project before sending it off to meld together.

After taking this class I have been more aware of this art form around me. Here are some fun Etsy items for sale that used glass fusion as a technique.

artglassfusion – Pony Tail Holder
AkashatonDesign – Four Seasons Coral Tray


UneekGlassFusions – Cabinet Knob




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  1. Sweet Athena

    August 30, 2011 6:48 pm

    Thanks Britney! I’m not sure how long it took in the kiln, we dropped off the pieces and they called us when they were done. It really is easy to learn, I recommend the class.

  2. Duni

    August 31, 2011 2:06 am

    Wow, fabulous pieces! Wish I had a class like that over here 🙂
    The Etsy finds are beautiful too, especially the pink/gray cabinet knob.

    have a lovely day and thanks for visiting my blog too 🙂



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