Bonjour Nouvelle Saison

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I swear I may say this every 3 months, (and I really do mean it each time!), I can’t believe another thematic season is complete. Au revoir to our exploration of fashion. Our Makeover Monday series focused on fun accessories, we were able to share our fashion questions and ideas, and feature some chic ladies. I’m so happy we decided to give fashion one more go around.

As you may remember from two years ago, we next had fun with the idea of celebration. December, January, and February have plenty of holidays and personal miles stones worth enjoying. Yet, we want this round of partying to have a new twist. We want to also focus on the little things that bring us joy. While big life events are worth pausing for, it is also important to remember the small everyday moments and things that make us happy.

Consider this next season to be like a big dose of the movie Amelie. Plenty of bright colors, imagination, playful music, self exploration, and yummy food, all with a dash of mischief. Are you ready? I know we are.



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