Food for your Face


  Food is not just for consumption, packed with vitamins and minerals your skin can also benefit from all that nature has to offer. I decided to do a little experimenting in the kitchen and&hellip

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Challenge: Pregnancy Food Craving

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Happy Mother’s Day! While I’m not technically a mother yet, it seems fitting that Jess recently challenged me to make a dish of a food I’ve been craving while pregnant. Plus, I’m getting really close&hellip

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Summer No Bake Cookies


These are my go to cookies. When I need to bring something sweet to a potluck, a bake sale, or to make my cousin Shannon smile, this is the dessert I think of first. Why&hellip

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Challenge: Spiced Pancakes


This week, Jess challenged me to cook something that would make my house smell delicious. What a lovely task! Cinnamon was the first ingredient that came to mind while thinking about this challenge. I love&hellip

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