Foodie Friday: Greek Yogurt Quinoa Breakfast & A New Season!

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Today marks the beginning of March, which also means that we are moving on to a new season here at Sweet Athena. While we had a lot of fun with the winter theme of Celebrations, we are excited to welcome back one of our favorites: food! It’s been two years since we last featured a food theme, and we are more than ready to turn the heat up and get cooking. This season, we’ll share with you even more recipes and culinary adventures than we typically do on Foodie Fridays. We’ll also pose food challenges to each other. This season is bound to be tasty.

I’m a big believer in the power of breakfast to start my day off in the best way possible, so let’s do the same with this season! Here’s a quick, easy, and healthy breakfast from Jess!     ~Linz


Alright folks, I think we should start off the Foodie Fridays in our spring season of food with something a little funky and different. This here is my favorite weekday breakfast. I think I first heard about this combination from a co-worker. She actually might not have been eating this, but this is what I thought I heard her say and that was enough, I tried it and loved it.


It’s as basic as it gets, but quite healthy. I make a pot of quinoa, typically 1 dry cups worth at the beginning of the week and then use it through out the week. Each morning I mix equal parts plain Greek yogurt with cold quinoa and frozen blueberries (or cherries) that I have de-thawed the night before and a handful of unsalted, dry roasted almonds. I mix it all together and enjoy. I find I don’t need to add any sugar or honey if I have frozen berries with my plain yogurt, but that could easily be added, or a flavored yogurt. I had another co-worker who thought this was a pretty strange concoction, but seriously I think it’s worth a try if you like all these ingredients. It might just surprise you.

P.S. You know what pairs well with food? Music. Most of the time that I am in the kitchen working up a hot mess of food, I’m also dancing and moving to something lovely for my ears. I have been wanting for the longest time to share on Foodie Fridays what music I listened to while making the dish. Finally in this season all about food I’m going to do just that.

P.P.S. I have been listening to a fair amount of Wilco in the mornings. Jesus, Etc has been a favorite of mine lately. I tend to prefer something a little bit milder as I am getting mentally ready for the day ahead. What about you, do you like music that gets you up and alert or eases you into your day?


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