A Garden Party

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This past weekend, we celebrated a friend’s birthday with a theme that fits her well. She has a love for gardening that I can only equate to my brothers’ shared childhood love of videogames. Or maybe my combined love of Hanson, cheese, and So You Think You Can Dance. Her passion can absorb her for an entire weekend at a time. Unlike videogames (or cheese), however, her vision for her hobby builds something amazing each year. She has the most beautiful garden and yard I’ve ever seen a real person cultivate and it was precisely this location that inspired our choice of the party’s theme. Lucky for us, it was also the location of our little shindig.

Not much is better than fresh, soft grass under your bare feet.
Gorgeous blossoms were everywhere we looked.

We knew that it was time to party! (It was also time to throw feathers around so the birds can make their nests with soft things!)

Beautiful colors, stunning shapes.
A garden party requires a vegetable cake, right? More on this tomorrow…


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