Foodie Friday: Stawberry Pavlovas

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This week’s farmer’s market provided me with one of the best gifts of the season: fresh Oregon strawberries. We took home two varieties, including Hoods, which are at the same time hilariously shaped and incredibly delicious. I never considered that the phrase “melt in your mouth” could apply to fruit, but it does with these little gems.
With a half flat of berries in our kitchen, my brain started racing through all of the possible things we could make. Immediately, pavlovas came to mind. I’ve never made one (nor had one), but I’ve been smitten with photos of the sugary clouds, holding toppings like berries and curds and other dreams.
Using a recipe from pastry chef Shuna Fish Lydon, I was happy to find that I had all necessary ingredients on hand, which is to say that I had egg whites, sugar, vanilla, and corn starch. I also had cream of tartar, which she lists has being optional. Because I have it and love to use it, I added in a bit of rose water along with the vanilla.

Being my first attempt at pavlovas, I believe they turned out rather well. They did incur some cracks and I think I made them a little too large and close together. Once they were on a plate and topped with fresh strawberries melted with some sugar, however, they were just delicious.


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