Foodie Friday: Tomato Rosemary Scones


I’m a little surprised I can even write a Foodie Friday post today considering Linz and I have been in a sugar coma. I have some how managed to eat a lot of sweets lately, but I guess that is what we all say this close to Halloween, right? The problem is I can’t blame it all on a couple of care packages I have gotten with Halloween candy. The real issue is that when I start eating a lot of candy, that seems to be all I want. Case in point, today I negotiated with myself to stay another hour at the library reading for classes, but I could only talk myself into if I first went to the student center and bought gummy bears. You see how this has gotten out of hand.

That is why these tomato rosemary scones come at just the right time. I baked them thinking they would make a delicious savory breakfast scone, but found them to instead be the perfect companion to a bowl of soup. They could still work for breakfast, but they are a bit more doughy than the breakfast scones I am use to. Instead, the soft bread like texture with the hint of tomato flavor makes perfect sense dipped and soaked in a vegetable soup.

The original recipe comes from the book Vegan Brunch which I found featured on the blog, Idee Geniale. I have clearly tweaked the recipe by sprinkling Parmesan cheese on top right before you bake in the oven.

Well, with the leaves changing and the wind howling, you knew sooner or later Linz and I would get around to talking about soup again.


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